MOISEIKIN® has created luxurious and inspirational jewellery since 1993. Specialising in glyptography, MOISEIKIN® strives to achieve flawless quality and state-of-the-art designs with world-class craftsmanship and technologies, which captivate attention, build emotion, and surpass satisfaction. Every creation includes a heartful story and surprising secret elements while reviving time-honoured Russian jewellery art traditions. The latest invention of the modern Russian setting, “Waltzing Brilliance®,” in which a gemstone trembles and rotates freely on a golden stage, creates a dynamic gemstone performance like a ballerina creating a unique shining effect never seen before.
  Masterpieces created by MOISEIKIN® were presented at G-20 in Hangzhou, the Asean summit, and other important cultural exhibitions and occasions for diplomatic relationships.
  On this occasion of the Belt and Road Art Fair, MOISEIKIN® is honoured to present one-of-a-kind masterpieces that rival family heirlooms, treasures for celebrities and art connoisseurs.
  The innovative jewellery made with the modern Russian Setting, Waltzing Brilliance 🄬 technology, approaches designers and the jewellery industry with a new dimension of jewel architecture. Inspired by the famous Russian ballet, this technology invented by Viktor Moiseikin breathes life into jewellery made with precious gems and metals. Each stone fluttering and spinning on a delicate golden stage create a unique shining effect, which altogether creates an artful harmony.
  The Waltzing Brilliance🄬 is internationally patented, such as in China, the US, and Europe. Jewellery created with this technology has won a number of international competitions: 2020 Russian Diamond Line Award, 2017 Hong Kong International Jewellery Design Excellence Award, 2016 Moscow International Competition of Jewelry Design etc.

  MOISEIKIN ‘s tiger miniature is aesthetically carved out from genuine silver with germanium. The detailed feature is the privilege attributed to the house’s experienced artisans. The base is a rare white Siberian nephrite carved into a rock shape known for its healing effect. The tiger’s sparkling eyes are made of flawless diamonds to open your eyes and mind clearly to catch new opportunities. The year 2022 is the year for the water of five elements. This fortune talisman meditates one’s feelings while promoting the internal balance to be ready for new opportunities and successful journeys.

  The tea set is mainly made of natural Ural nephrite, spiritual and energy stone. Genuine nephrite is rich in minerals and trace elements, has a caring effect on the skin, and relieves stress. The texture is delicate and smooth, releasing a pleasant mood. Jade is a symbol of status and wealth. Water-soaked in jade or nephrite stone can approach or reach the standard of high-quality mineral water within three hours. Traces of selenium released when brewing tea with a jade tea set also helps to prevent cancer, rejuvenate and prevent arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure. Long-term use of a nephrite tea set for making tea or drinking water can strengthen the stomach and intestines, improve the absorption and digestion of nutrients, can replenish the lack of elements and trace elements in the human body, and balance the imbalance. Yin and Yang, and make people heal diseases, take care of health and longevity, a perfect gift for loved one.
  Tea has been an important part of Russian culture for 300 years. It is the time to gather with family and friends. Tea ware by MOISEIKIN is created in close contact with our friends and partners borrowing and joining the best from the cultures of our two nations.

  The Lily of the valley Easter Egg miniature object by MOISEIKIN is a new level of jewellery architecture created to commemorate the house’s 30th anniversary.
  Following the tradition but adding modern techniques and creative ideas, MOISEIKIN has created a tridimensional Easter Egg with Ural stones and metals, which has the full story of the rising Christ. Lilies of the valley symbolising fertility are made of lustrous Akoya pearls holding the delicate nephrite egg-shaped leaves. Inside is a carved citrine chick sitting peacefully, waiting for the rise. The nephrite egg cap is engraved thin, so the light almost reveals the hidden life inside. The golden filigree of the egg basket is detailed and aesthetic, a fruit of experienced masters.
  Lilies of the valley miniature from MOISEIKIN is where the past, future and present resonate in the artistic image and is the best gift for families and loved ones. This unique and exquisite objet d’art was exhibited at the State’s museum of the Museum of Stone-Cutting and Jewellery Art History.



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