China Golden Bridge Group


  Golden Bridge Art is a cultural exchange centre and business platform for artists, collectors and dealers in performing art, fine art, ceramics, precious stones and minerals. We organize events and exhibitions, advertising and private sales for institutions, corporate clients, investors, artists, and collectors. It is wholly owned by China Golden Bridge Group. Please also see exhibits by Gerald Ho’s Culture and Art Foundation in Booth 1P19, sponsored by China Golden Bridge Group.

A collection of Qing dynasty relics:

  1. a blue and white underglaze red dragon pattern vault-of-heaven vase
  2. a Hetian Jade statue of thousand-hand Guanyin
  3. a late Qing dynasty painting by Chen Anren, “A Hundred Children Playing in Spring”

And a late Warring States Period Bronze sword with a dragon pattern and bird seal script

Terracotta horse and figurine from Northern China, Eastern Han dynasty

Decorative bowls and dishes from Chinese Turkestan, early Qing dynasty

Three porcelain ornamental wine jars, late Qing dynasty



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